Our People

We are a team of makers, thinkers, explorers & doers. We are serious about delivering great outcomes.

Ameera Krushanth

Principal Executive Officer - prefers to be called ‘The Big Cheese’. Ameera originally had the idea for 1000 tales in 2015 but was waiting for the right moment to release her genius on the world. Ameera is a passionate Community Development practitioner who has spent her career working with migrants, refugees and underrepresented people.

Atiya Karimshah

Social Media Coordinator– is a successful freelance photographer, artist and an avid adventurer. She has tried everything from skydiving to flying trapeze lessons. We firmly believe that if the opportunity presented itself, she would run away and join the circus!
She has a background in visual art and animation and loves all things digital.

Eli Moore

Project Coordinator – is our resident social justice advocate. A teacher in a previous life, she has merged her love of education with travel and language, working extensively in the multicultural & community sectors with students and professionals. Highly impractical & a bit of a dreamer, she thinks anything is possible with a bit of imagination…oh, & grit, determination...


Marketing and Fundraising Co-ordinator– was born and raised in a coastal town on the east coast of Sri Lanka. His first love was the law but after moving to Australia he has developed expertise in Marketing and Fundraising and is currently working with 1000 Tales to ensure that we can get the word out about our projects and raise much needed funds for future endeavours.

Shabnaaz Ahmed

Artistic Coordinator – is a day dreamer, doodler and freelance graphic designer. Her passion for design keeps her eyes open to all things creative and she is on the hunt for 1000 tales! Admittedly her creative juices are fuelled entirely by coffee, hip hop and corn chips.