1000 tales is a cooperative that aims to provide a unique outlet for storytelling and produce tools for literacy that reflect the lived experiences of culturally and linguistically diverse people. We link students and educators with an international creative community to enable skill sharing. We understand that the ability to create your own narrative is important for building confidence and a sense of belonging that is fundamental to future success.

It has been the experience of our founding members that as culturally and linguistically diverse peoples, we are quite often invisible or demonised in mainstream stories, books, and media. So much so that our stories of self and origin are met with disbelief and sometimes indignation. The idea for 1000 tales came from a recognition that the stories we hear and tell about ourselves inform our place and value in this world. These stories are the engines of human identity.

We live in an increasingly globalised society, where the movement of people is becoming less of a possibility and more of an inevitability. Yet we know that depending on place and time some stories and therefore identities are privileged over others. We also know that as humans we are fundamentally social beings and that the stories we tell will have an effect on the cultural gene pool of generations to come and can have a profound impact on the mental and social health of our descendants.

Research has shown a strong link between storytelling and wellness. Therefore, 1000 tales was formed to create an ecosystem in which stories that are not usually told can be nurtured. Through our projects we hope to take a strength based approach to enable people to cultivate and grow anthologies of the stories that are important to them. We hope to create a platform by which people can share these stories through beautiful books, magazines and other publications that honour the energy, memory and ceremony of their particular story while enabling them to gain critical skills to write with confidence.